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Jay Arthur
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What is KnowWare? Well, if computers run on software, what does the "hardware" of our brain run on?

I say the answer is KnowWare. You see, science has confirmed that our mind (software) is not our brain (hardware). The best mental software is simple and elegant, not complex. And after more than a decade of study I have found that you can change your KnowWare easily, but you have to know how to do it. And when you change your mind, you change your life.

Debug Your Mental Software!

Still Making the Same Old Mental Mistakes Over and Over Again?

If past traumas, limiting beliefs, and internal conflicts are stopping you from living the life you want, then it's time to debug your mental software.

How To Think Like a Comedian!

Want to decrease your stress and increase your fun? Learn how to think like a comedian.

Comedians obviously run their minds differently from you and I, but how do they do it? After modeling successful comedians, I found some key ways that they think differently from the rest of us. It's simply a matter of asking the right questions. Your Seventh Sense will teach you how to think like a comedian.

How To Motivate Everyone!

Start by checking part of your "Motivation Style" using the Motivation Profile.

How To Motivate Everyone! - Friends, Family, Co-Workers, Even Yourself!

A great book on self-motivation and influence This is an excellent book that should sit in everyone’s library, especially managers. True success in business and life is still in direct proportion to our ability to motivate ourselves and influence other people. In this fast-reading, well-written book, Jay provides us with a universal translator that can help us “crack-the-code” on what motivates us as well as others around us. I highly recommend this book.
Joe Santana, Coauthor of Manage I.T.

The Motivation Profile!

Mindsets are as unique as fingerprints. The Motivation Profile helps people discover their hidden preferences and motivation styles.

The Motivation Profile--a simple yet effective personality profile--on its own is highly recommended with a stunning variety of uses. Good stuff and snappy to complete.
Jacky Walker 1996 - NLP World, Vol. 3, #1, March 1996.

Speaking and Keynotes

Simple Secrets for Success

Jay Arthur-The KnowWare Man
There is always a best way of doing everything. -Emerson


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